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El Camino 2012

El Camino Historic Motorcycle Event

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Thanks to everyone that came out and made the 36th annual El Camino Show & Swap the Biggest & Best yet! I'd like to thank all the people who help put the event together, from the magazine sponsors, to the printer's, sign painters and every one in between, that have given the event the feel that it now has. Thanks to all my friends that help in so many capacities, I don't have enough space to list them all, but so appreciate them, THANK YOU to one and all! A special thanks to John Thow, my graphic artist and web site designer who designs all the art, ads and event T-shirts. Which I might add were a complete sell out this year, Thank You. Remember, the El Camino event really belongs to us all, let's keep making it bigger and better!

Marshall & Nancy Baker C.C.E.

The swap meet God's were with us as the weather couldn't have been better, both Friday & Saturday. Record crowds and a vendor grid sell-out 12 days before the event made for some great buying and selling. A large array of merchandise, from all areas of classic and vintage motorcycles turned out, something for everyone was the feed back I got.

The Classic Japanese, and the Two Stroke On & off road class is always the biggest and toughest class , was strong again this year. The Classic British class was as strong as ever. The Classic European class is starting to gain in popularity, watch out in the next few years, it will be as big as some of the other classes. A class I especially like is the Trail Bike/Enduro inc, Street Trackers and Cafe Racers is the class to watch in the future as a stretching of artistic muscles. On a sad note the earlier Antique, and Vintage American classes seem to be lacking in representation, everyone's loss, too bad, the great old bikes are from where our heritage comes.

So until our next event, the 44th., annual Hanford Show & Swap, May 19th, 2012 keep checking the Webb site for some interesting new developments and some great additions to our otherwise Great Events. C.C.E.

El Camino motorcycle show entrants receive a free event pin, event poster and Classic Cycle Events Souvenir

El Camino 2011 Trophies

If you would like to support and sponsor a single trophy
or an entire show class,
please contact Marshall at C.C.E. for more information.

El Camino 2011 Grid
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Historic Motorcycle Show & Swap Meet

El Camino 2011 Shirt
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15000 Hawthorne Blvd..
Lawndale, CA 90260-1503

15636 Hawthorne Blvd.
Lawndale, CA 90260-1503

14814 Hawthorne Blvd.
Lawndale, CA 90260-1503

General Admission:

Show & Swap- $ 10 starting at 8:00 a.m. Sept. 24th
Children Under 12 Free W/Adult Supervision
Early Bird Admission- $ 25 from 6:30-7:30 a.m.
on Saturday, September 24th only.
Absolutely NO General Admission on Friday.

El Camino 2011
Competition and Show Results

Antique Motorcycle

Vintage American
1st Ty Threedouble, HD, FL, 1953
2nd Tim Grabber, HD, K model, 1956
3rd N/A

Vintage British
1st Michael Begley, Vincent Black Shadow, 1954
2nd N/A
3rd N/A

Classic American
1st Cliff Steimle,HD XL CH, 1972
2nd N/A
3rd N/A

Classic British
1st, Norman Kerr, BSA 650 Lighting, 1971
2nd Stanley Johnson, Triumph Bonneville, 1978
3rd Don Harrell, Triumph T120 R

Vintage/Classic European
1st Anthony Bastieri, BMW R50, 1965
2nd, Mark Vander Waal, Aermacchi 125 Rapido, 1968
3rd, Lester Townsend, Benelli, 250 Sport, 1972

Classic Japanese
1st, Lee Fabry, Hodaka Ace 90, 1966
2nd, Jamie Pallas, Suzuki TS 400, 1974
3rd, Tim Saunders, Yamaha RD 350, 1972

On/Off Comp
1st, Don Harrell, BSA Hornet, 1965
2nd, Roger Ridell, Rickman Mark III, 1964
3rd, Mauricio Sanges, Ducati 250 Racer, 1969

2 Stroke On/Off Comp
1st, Brad Boyle, Husqvuarna 360,1966
2nd, Blair Beck, Penton 125 ISDT, 1972
3rd, Gary Parker, Hodaka Steen SS, 1969

Custom Bobbers
1st, Paul Wheeler, HD FL ,1949
2nd, Stephen Lacy, Triumph TR 6 R, 1964
3rd, Jim Murillo, Triumph TR 6, 1967

Powered Bikes
1st, Rudy Pock, Steens F-85, 1970
2nd, George Yamanaka, Yamaha YZ 80
3rd, George Yamanaka,1974 Honda SL 70, 1971

All Original
1st, Brad Boyle, Husqvuarna Military, 1976
2nd, Roy Rodriguez, HD Sprint 1969
3rd, Dick Lague, Can Am 250, 1975

TrailBike/Enduro inc Streetrackers and Cafe Racers

1st John Kraus, Hodaka Wombat, 1972
2nd, Brandon Mungal, BMW R75/5, 1973
3rd, Mark Noyes, HD Sportster, 1979

Peoples's Choice
D.J. Ritchie, Honda XLV 750 R, 1983

Classic Cycle Events, Sponsor's Choice
Brad Boyle, Husqvuarna Flink, 1971

Best Restoration
Jeff Moore, BMW R60, 1956

Best of Show
Robert Thompson, HD Sportster, 1969 Don Harrell's

Best of the British Bikes
Steve Walker, triumph TR6 R, 1967;