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500 Speedway Drive / Irwindale, CA 91706

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Thank you all for your support of our El Camino event and our move to Irwindale. We are very grateful for your outpouring of support for the event and are very excited that even away from the college, El Camino continues to grow!

While we realize that there are a few of you that prefer the old location, our new digs at Irwindale Raceway have really proven to be the popular choice. We appreciate hearing from so many of you that have called or written to let us know how much you liked the new bigger event location.

As far as the numbers go, while we are still figuring out the gate, we did have exactly 30 more vendors than we have ever had and next year we plan to make even more vendor spaces available. Without the move we simply would not have been able to accommodate those vendors or our planned future growth. So as you may have already guessed, YES, it is our plan to return to Irwindale for El Camino next year as well.

The FREE on site, ride in motorcycle parking was a huge hit. With more than 200 motorcycles taking us up on the offer throughout the day, the parking area became somewhat of a bike show of its own.

Our for sale corral also set an all time record with 30 bikes!

Bottom line, we are very grateful for your participation, we had a great time and hope you did too and El Camino continues to grow every year and we are going to do our best to ensure that trend continues.


Due to much needed earthquake retrofitting and renovations, a large portion of the parking lot we normally use at El Camino College is unavailable for use for this year's El Camino event. This construction would result in having to turn away 75 of our regular swap meet vendors, and would once again leave us without space for the 30 to 50 new vendors that inquire each year wanting to participate in the event.
Not wanting to postpone the largest motorcycle show and swap on the West Coast, and wanting to accommodate everyone; rather than turning anyone away, we have been forced to consider a larger venue.  We believe we've found the best choice at Irwindale Raceway,  located at 500 Speedway Dr.  Irwindale, CA. 91706.
The vendor spaces are a bit larger and we have plenty of room for all of our regular vendors, new vendors and for future growth.
The City of Irwindale does require a local business license which is included in the price of the vendor space, hence the increase in price from $65.00 to $75.00 for pre-registered and from $85.00 to  $95.00 at the gate.

The bike show registration fee and spectator admission will stay the same. There will be a $5.00 parking fee per vehicle and FREE dedicated ride-in parking for motorcycles.
We hope the changes we have made will make everyone’s show and swap experience a great one and look forward to seeing you at the 2012 El Camino Show & Swap. A California tradition for 37 years.... and counting.

See you at Irwindale!
The staff at Classic Cycle Events

Thank you to the following sponsors for their generous support of Trophy Classes for the 2012 El Camino Show & Swap.

  • Classic Japanese to 1989
    Mitch at Moto Retro Magazine

  • Two Stroke On & Off Road Competition to 1989
    Harry at Klemm Vintage 2 Strokes

  • Custom Vintage & Bobbers to 1989
    Al at Unkl Al's Customs

  • All Original Motorcycles to 1989
    Tim at MotoZania

El Camino motorcycle show entrants receive a free event pin, event poster and Classic Cycle Events Souvenir


Classic Cycle Events
2012 El Camino Classic Cycle Show and Swap Meet

Judging results

People’s Choice Award – 1919 Indian Power Plus – Mike Doom
Sponsor’s Choice Award – 1965 Honda CB450 – Greg Lee
Best Restoration Award –  1968 Suzuki TM250 – Kelly Owen
Best of Show Award – 1938 Brough Superior SS100 – Bob Mitchell

Antique motorcycles (before 1936)
1st place – 1919 Indian Power Plus – Mike Doom
2nd place – 1913 Excelsior Sidecar – Rudy Pock

Vintage American (1936 to 1964)
1st place – 1941 Harley Davidson EL – Landy Brakke
2nd place – 1940 Indian Chief – Jim Bowker

Vintage British (1936 to 1964)
1st place – 1954 Vincent Black Shadow – Mike Begley

Classic American (1965 to 1989)
1st place – 1966 Harley Davidson XLCH – Mike Slemmon
2nd place – 1966 Harley Davidson XLCH – Mike Slemmons
3rd place – 1965 Harley Davidson XLCH – Mike Slemmons

Classic British (1965 to 1989)
1st place – 1969 BSA 441VS – Don Harrell
2nd place – 1973 Triumph X75 – Mike Doom
3rd place – 1968 Triumph TR6R – Steve Walker

Vintage/Classic European (to 1989)
1st place – 1966 Harley Davidson Sprint – Tom Hickman
2nd place – 1960 Ducati 125SS – Michael Harper-Smith
3rd place – 1978 BMW R100/7 – Kevin Sincerbox

Classic Japanese (to 1989)
1st place – 1969 Honda Z50A-KI – Michael Hogan
2nd place – 1967 Kawasaki CZTR – Victor Rothgarn
3rd place – 1962 Honda CL72 – Richard Bowers

On/Off Road Competition (to 1989)
1st place – 1965 BSA Hornet – Don Harrell
2nd place – 1964 Matchless Rickman III – Roger Riddell
3rd place – 1970 Triumph Rickman 650 – Ron Rodriguez

2 Stroke On/Off Road Competition (to 1989)
1st place – 1974 OSSA Phantom 125 – Blair Beck
2nd place – 1974 Yamaha YZ360 – Al Lutino
3rd place – 1970 Kawasaki Centurion – Gary Parker

Custom Vintage Bobbers (to 1989)
1st place – 1947 Harley Davidson EL – Paul Whitehurst
2nd place – 1968 Triumph TR6R – Ryan Cox
3rd place – 1982 Honda CB650 – Robert Bodine

Powered Bikes and Scooters (to 1989)
1st place – 1947 Wilier Chris Cycle – Lee Fabry
2nd place – 1968 Honda Z50 – George Yamanaka
3rd place – 1973 Monarch 50Cc – Rudy Pock

All Original (to 1989)
1st place – 1974 Maico 250MX – Kelly Owen
2nd place – 1967 Harley Davidson Sprint – Ray Rodriguez
3rd place – 1974 Yamaha XS650 – Mark McLemore

Café Racer/Street Tracker/Enduro (to 1989)
1st place – 1976 Yamaha DT400 – Owen Bishop
2nd place – 1975 Rokon ST340 – Mark Behling
3rd place – 1976 Rokon RT11 – Mark Behling

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