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(Now Irwindale Event Center)
500 Speedway Drive / Irwindale, CA 91706

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El Camino 2013
September 7, 2013 at the Irwindale Speedway
(Now Irwindale Event Center) - WRAP UP

To all the supporters and followers of Classic Cycle Events, thank you for patiently waiting for my wrap up and results of the 38th Annual El Camino Motorcycle Show and Swap in September. When it was planned back in January, I sure didn't know that the only Saturday available in September was going to be the hot and humid weekend it turned out to be. The great group of people that have been helping me put on our events for the past 5 years, just rolled up there sleeves and made it happen, so to all of my friends that have been helping me continue to put on the 2 longest running Shows & Swaps in California, my most sincere thank you. To all the vendors who still loaded up all the parts days or the night before and who set up on the very hot Friday afternoon, my sincere gratitude, and thanks goes out to you. 
To all the spectators who took the time to still show up even though the heat was forecast to be near record highs, also my sincere thank you, for taking the time to still make the trip from long and far. This is why I do these events, for just a couple times a year we all put aside our other lives and come together to celebrate and enjoy our passion, classic motorcycles. You are a dedicaded group of people, and because of the trust you have shown me over the past 5 years, I will promise to continue to put on the best event I can.

El Camino motorcycle show entrants receive a free event pin, event poster and Classic Cycle Events Souvenir

2013 El Camino Show Winners

Antique Motorcycle 1900-1935
First Place – Mike Doom, 1919 Indian Power Plus
Second Place – Mike Doom, 1910 Indian Power Plus

Vintage American 1936-1964
      First Place – Bob Mitchell, 1939 Indian Four
      Second Place – Rudy Pock, 1939 Indian Sport Scout
      Third Place – Pat Taylor, 1948 Harley Davidson UL   
Vintage British 1936-1964         
      First Place – Michael Harper-Smith, 1963 BSA Super Rocket

Classic American 1965-1989
      First Place – Jeff Terry, 1973 Rupp L100
      Second Please – Mike Slemmons, 1966 Harley Davidson XLCH
      Third Please – Victor Tripple, 1978 Harley Davidson XLCH

Classic British 1965-1989

      First Place – Norman Kerr, 1972 BSA Lightning
      Second Place – Tim Rutherford, 1972 Triumph Bonneville
      Third Place – Walter Huff, 1966 Triumph T-100 SC

Vintage & Classic European 1936-1989

      First Place – Tom Armstrong, 1966 BMW RG95
      Second Place – Michael Harper-Smith, 1955 MV Augusta Disco Volante
      Third Place – Carlos Baylon, 1975 La Verda Jota

Classic Japanese to 1989

      First Place – Mike Hogan, 1964 Honda CT200 Trail
      Second Place – Mike Hogan, 1972 Honda ATC90
      Third Place – Juan Ortega, 1985 Yamaha RG350

On & Off Road Competition

      First Place – Marilyn Weirsema, 1966 Harley Davidson Sprint CRS
      Second Place – Larry Feece, 1966 Triumph TT Special
      Third Place – Barry Weiss, 1976 Triumph Cheney

Two stoke On & Off Road Competition

      First Place – Kelly Owen, 1971 DKW 125MX
      Second Place – Rudy Pock, 1970 Van Tech Baja

Custom Classic & Bobbers

      First Class – Frank Rasitani, 1963 Ariel Square Four
      Second Place – Jeff Tarver, 1974 Honda CB200      

Powered bikes and scooters to 1989

      First Place – George Yamanaka, 1974 Honda YZ80
      Second Place – Rudy Pock, 1964 Van Tech MAC
      Third Place – Jeff Haggerty, 1970 Honda CT70 H

All original Motorcycles to 1989

      First Place – Kelly Owen, 1972 CZ 250MX
      Second Place – Paul Montgombry, 1953 Rocket Queen
      Third Place – Michael Harper-Smith, 1967 Triumph Thunderbird

Trail Enduro, Street Trackers & Café Racers

      First Place – Victor Rothgard, 1972 Kawasaki F9 350
      Second Place – Owen Bishop, 1976 Yamaha DT400 C
      Third Place – Owen Bishop, 1971 Yamaha CTI C

                   Top Awards:
Best Vintage Café Racer – Greg McBride, 1949 Vincent
Most Unique – Paul Montgombry, 1953 Rocket Queen
People’s Choice – Greg McBride, 1949 Vincent
Sponsor’s Choice – Greg Owens, 1982 Rickman 750
Best Restoration – Blair Beck, 1972 Penton Six Day
Best Of Show – Bob Mitchell, 1939 Indian Four

OC Powerstand - Motorcycle Stand

1969 Rickman / T500 Suzuki

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