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(Now Irwindale Event Center)
500 Speedway Drive / Irwindale, CA 91706

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El Camino 2014 Event Photos

El Camino 2014 Wrap Up

This year marked the 39th year of the El Camino Classic and Vintage Motorcycle Show & Swap, and our third year at the Irwindale Event Center, formerly Irwindale Raceway. A great vendor turn out, as well as 20 degree cooler temperatures, helped make this year's event better than last year. Most vendors enjoyed good sales, and spectators kept making trips out through the admission gates to stash goodies in their cars only to return for more.

2014 marked the 6th year Classic Cycle Events has brought you California's Two Largest Classic/Vintage Motorcycle Show & Swaps. We gained some additional momentum this year with the support of a few sponsors who have helped us continue to improve our events and make them into what you all have come to expect.

Law Tigers was the first to join our events, Ed Diaz, Marketing Manager and a rider himself, represents one of the Best Motorcycle Law Firms you might ever need. Law Tigers is always at every event reminding you that they are there for you.

Hagerty's Collector Car/Bike Insurance, Laura Jacobson, Regional Account Manager and Vintage Vehicle Insurance Specialist, Nick Dounias, are both keen supporters of our bike shows. Offering additional classes within our show and the trophies and gifts they give away as well.

New to El Camino this year was Joey Cabrera, Regional Sales Manager for MOTUL. Also a bike guy, Joey was kind enough to give a swag bag filled with the very latest in bike care products from MOTUL to all 1st place winners at the show. This also shows their ongoing commitment to the classic/vintage bike scene and they even added a class and trophy to the show as well.
We were also lucky to have the involvement of Southern California's Premier All Japanese Classic Car and Bike Show Celebrating there 10th Anniversary this year at the Queen Mary. Terry & Koji in operations, saw fit to add yet another class to our show making this years El Camino Show the best one yet. With a 60+ bike field, there was definitely something for everyone.
Two more people that were with us this year for the first time were TJ Mills, behind the lens capturing all the special moments for those not being lucky enough to make either event.

Hector Cademartori of Motor Racing Art, World Renowned  Motorcycle Artist, gave us another look at ourselves in his art for the reminder cards, both mailed & handed out.

With Hanford & El Camino behind us, we have 2015 to look forward to, with these fine events growing and getting even better, as we have in the past 13 events.

I also need to mention how much I appreciate all the friends that help us put on the events, and there are quite a few, way too many to name in this wrap up, but never the less respected for their devotion and help putting on California's Hanford & El Camino Motorcycle Shows & Swaps.

Thanks to all for your continued support, see you in 2015!


2014 El Camino  Classical Cycle Events Show Results
Cycle Description
Antique Motorcycle to 1935
1899 Peugeot Trike
Larry Feece
Vintage American 1936 to 1964 (1st place) 1960 Harley Davidson XLCU Mike Slemmon
Classic American to 1989 (3rd place) 1973 Rupp L-100 Jeff Terry
Classic American to 1989 (2nd place) 1975 Rupp RMX-125 Jeff Terry
Classic American to 1989 (1st place) 1967 Harley Davidson XLCH Robert Thompson
Vintage British 1936 to 1964 (2nd place)   1960 Triumph TR-6 Jim Hickerson
Vintage British 1936 to 1964 (1st place) 1954 Vincent Black Shadow Bob Mitchell
Classic British to 1989 (3rd place) 1965 Triumph T100-SC    Walter Huff
Classic British to 1989 (2nd place) 1970 Triumph T120-R Ken Morris
Classic British to 1989 (1st place) 1968 Triumph Bonneville John Searock
Vintage & Classic European (1st place) 1978 BMW R80/7 Antonio Estrella
Classic Japanese (3rd place) 1971 Honda SL 70-KO Mike Hogan
Classic Japanese (2nd place) 1970 Honda CT 70-KO Mike Hogan
Classic Japanese (1st place) 1972 Kawasaki F7 175 Victor Rothgarn
On/Off Road Competition to 1969 (3rd place) 1966 Triumph TT Special Larry Feece
On/Off Road Competition to 1969 (2nd place)      1964 Rickman Matchless Roger Ridden
On/Off Road Competition to 1969 (1stplace) 1968 Van Tech Hodaka Ace 100 Holly Walker
On/Off Road Competition to 1989 (3rd place) 1973 Honda CR 250 Ellis  James Cargill
On/Off Road Competition to 1989 (2nd place) 1973 Honda CR 250 Ellis  James Cargill
On/Off Road Competition to 1989 (1st place) 1971 Bultaco Pursang John Fosmire
Custom Classic & Bobbers (3rd place) 1965 Triumph Matt Butler
Custom Classic & Bobbers (2nd place) 1969 Honda CB 750 Trike Jack Duimstra
Custom Classic & Bobbers (1st place) 1957 Triumph Patrick Tracey
Powered Bikes & Scooters (2nd place) 1920 Brebes Gilbert Brebes
Powered Bikes & Scooters (1st place) 1972 Kawasaki KV 75 George Yamanaka
Café Racers, Street Trackers & Enduros (3rd place) 1970 Yamaha RT1 Dave Kolbo
Café Racers, Street Trackers & Enduros (2nd place) 1979 Yamaha GT 80 F Owen Bishop
Café Racers, Street Trackers & Enduros (1st place) 1974 Yamaha GT 80 A Owen Bishop
Best All Original Motorcycle       1912 Pierce Single Carb Carl Haren
People’s Choice Award 1899 Peugeot Trike Larry Feece
Best Restoration 1970 Trackmaster Trumph Mark Henry
Best Of Show 1953 Vincent Black Shadow Middy Buggio


El Camino motorcycle show entrants receive a free event pin, event poster and Classic Cycle Events Souvenir


If you would like to support and sponsor a single trophy
or an entire show class,
please contact Marshall at C.C.E. for more information.

OC Powerstand - Motorcycle Stand

"Hagerty's Choice" awards at El Camino

Classic Cycle Events would like to extend our thanks to Nick Dounias with Hagerty's Insurance for sponsoring their own "Hagerty's Choice" awards at El Camino this year. There will be trophies for 1st. & 2nd. and a great gift for 3rd. They did this at Hanford this year, and it really added more fun to the show.

Nick has an interest in Indian Motorcycles, and builds fine examples. His award winning selections could be for any year, make or model though. His knowledge and good eye will truly make this a " Hagerty's Choice.

NEW Special Award to be Presented by The Japanese Classic Car & Bike Show at This Year's El Camino

Classic Cycle Events is pleased to welcome the fine people from the Japanese Classic Car Show, in their 10th year I might add, to the 39th Annual El Camino Show & Swap. Since we both like Classic Motorcycles and they're in their 4th year featuring the addition of Japanese Motorcycles to their event, let's try to make this the best year ever for Classic Motorcycle's in California.

To help make that possible, the J.C.C.S. will add  "The Best Japanese Classic Motorcycle" Award to our El Camino event, which will be judged and awarded In conjunction with the fine Cup being awarded at the Japanese Classic Car and Vintage Motorcycle  Show, the following Saturday, Sept 27th, at the Queen Mary. 

This special award will be presented by world renown Car and Motorcyclist artist, Hector Cademartori, representing the J.C.C.S.

So now you have a full weeks worth of Motorcycles and fun to look forward to, See you all there, Thank You from all of us at Classic Cycle Events.


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